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Full text of "Minutes of the fortieth annual convention of the Evang. Lutheran Synod and Ministerium of North Carolina"

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M I N I S T E R I U M 


23 a 1 1 1 ju V e : 








M I N I S T E R I U M 



33 a 1 1 ( m V e : 








In accordance with the 27th Resolution of the 39th annual 
convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Caroli- 
na, the ministerial members with their lay delegates assembled 
on the 1st day of May, 1846, in Union church, 5 miles South- 
East of Salisbury, N. C. At 10 o'clock A. M., the exercises 
of the Synod were opened with a sermon by the President, Rev. 
J. D. Scheck, from 1 Tim. iv. 16. 

Divine service being concluded, an intermission was given ; 
after which the President called the Synod to order, and open- 
ed the first session with singing and prayer. 

The Secretary then called the roll, noting the absentees, 
which is as follows : 


v. Carolina. 







China Grove, Rowan Co. J 




Holt's Store, Orange Co.y 




Salisbury, Roican Co., 




RockviUe, Roican Co., 




Slatesville, Iredell Co., 




JSIocksville, Davie Co., 




Concord, Cabarras Co., 



J. A. LINN, 

RockviUe, Roican Co., 





Clnpps, Guilford Co., 




Wilkesboro', Wilkes Co., 




Brownloicn, Davidson Co., 



The following lay delegates then presented the certificates of 
their appointment, and were admitted to seats : 





om Rev 

. J. D. Scheck's charge. 



J. B. LOW, 


W. Ariz's 





J. B. Snlhomfs " 




S. Rothrock's " 





B. .Prey's '' 





J. Crim's " 



(C , 

W. G. Harier's 




J. A. Linn's " 

The President then read his official report, which was accept- 
ed, and laid on the table for further consideration. 

Dear Brethren : 

Ik the providence of God we have again convened, as an ecclesiastical bo- 
dy, to consult together relative to the interest of that branch of the church 
of Ch'rist committed to our care, and I hope we have come here under a live- 
]}' sense of the obligations resting upon us, to discharge faithfully the impor- 
tant duties devolving upon us, and to seek not our own praise, but lo pro- 
mote the glory of Him who "loved us, and gave himself for us.'' 

The consiitution by which we are governed, makes it my duty, to present 
vou a report of my official acts, during the ecclesiastical year which has come 
to a close, and to offer such recommendations as I may deem worthy your at- 
tention. On the 4th Sabbath in July last, the resolutions adopted by the Syn- 
od and Ministerium, relating to the ordination of bro Linn, and the dedica- 
tion of St. Matthev*-'s church, were carried into effect. On that occasion, 
the examination of bro. Linn having been sustained, he was ordained a min- 
ister of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the imposition of hands and prayer. At 
the same time, the church above named, was dedicated to the service of 
God. This is a neat and convenient house of worship, and speaks well for 
the zeal and perseverance of the people by whom it was reared. May pastor 
and people, dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and abide under the 
sliadow of the Almighty. I was assisted on that occasion by the Secretarj- 
and bro. Arey. In January last I gave an ad interim license to bro. Fink, 
late a student in the Theological Seminary at Lexington, S. C, with a view 
of his laboring till the meeting of Synod, in the churches in Davidson coun- 
ty ; but I regret to state, that he did not long continue in the field assigned 
hiin. A few days since I received a letter from him, informing me that he 
intended to connect himself with the South Western Virginia Synod at its 
next meeting, and assigning as a reason for his course, that the want of min- 
isters in that section was greater than in North Carolina. Strange conclu- 
sion. A short time ago, I received a letter from bro. Linn, in which he in- 

torms n)e, that there is an increase of piety among his people, and that one 
of the congregations to whom he minisiered, is engaged in building a new 
house of worship, which he thinks will be ready for dedication during the 
early part of the ensuing summer. 

I also received a eointnunication troni bro. Grimes, apologizing for hit> ab- 
sence from Synod ; which is owing, ho says, to advanced ago, and want of 
the necessary means wherewith to travel. 

During an interview with bro. Arcy, 1 learned from him that his prospects 
at St. Michael's church, were more encouraging at present than they have 
been for several preceding years, but that circumstances of a peculiar char- 
acter induced him to dissolve his connection with St. Paul's. As that church 
constitutes a part of St. iMiehael's charge, and stands in regular connection 
with tliis body, I recommend that bro. Arey be respectfully requested to fur- 
nish this body with a verbal statement of the nature and extent of the diffi- 
culties existing at St. Paul's, as well as the manner in which they were created. 

I likewise received a letter from Rev. Mr. Harter, from which the follow- 
ing is an extract : "The closing Synodical year has been one of more than 
usual prosperity in my churches. The growth of piety in my congregations, 
though not rapid, is still increasing. It may not (he adds) be amiss to in- 
form you that I have received and accepted a call as pastor of a congrega- 
tion formerly under the care of the Tennessee Synod.'' 

In my own charge tliere is nothing in its religious condition worthy of par- 
ticular attention. The public services of the sanctuary are well attended — 
the truth is well receiued, and a few have been made savingly acquainted 
with the Saviour. One of my congregations have, during the past year, been 
engaged in building a new house of worship,^ at a cost of nearly 4,000 dol- 
lars, which, when completed, will be one of the most spacious and conveni- 
ent country churches in Western North Carolina. From the other minis- 
ters, no information relating to their charges was received. 

During the last session of this body, a resolution w^as adopted, authorising 
the President to open a correspondence with the Directors of the Theologi- 
cal Seminary at Lexington, South Carolina, with a view to the removal of 
that institution within the geographical bounds of this Synod. The above 
resolution, I regret to say, was suppressed. 

A friend sent me a copy of our printed proceedings in advance of those 
distributed by the Secretary, which enabled me to discover the omission at 
an earlier date than I otherwise would have been. Whereupon I immediately 
addressed a note to the Secretary, inquiring into the cause that led to the 
above suppression, from whom I received the following reply : 

"Yours of the 20th inst. came to hand on yesterday, and in compliance 
with your request, I hasten to return an answer. The resolution to which 
you refer in your communication, was inlenlionnlhj omiUed, and in the omis- 
sion of it I acted advisedly. Tlje brethren generally gave it as their deci- 
ded opinion, that the suppression of said resolution would be more conducive 
to the interest of the church generally, than its appearance on the face of our 
printed minutes." 


It is deeply to be regretted that iii this instance at least, the Secretary and 
his advisers should have lost sight of ihe 14th article of section 2d of chapter 
Istof tlie constitution of Synod, which requires the Secretary to keep a faith- 
ful and accurate account of a// the proceedings of Synod and Ministerium. If 
the resolution was so highly offensive and pregnant with such dangerous con- 
sequences to the interest of the church, as seemed to exist in the imagination 
of a few, — this was evidently not the manner in which the subject should 
have been disposed of. It was adopted by the Synod, and the Synod alone 
had a right to rescind it. 

I have adverted to this subject, for the purpose of directing the special at- 
tention of Synod to it, with the hope that satisfactory explanations may be 
given to those who consider themselves aggrieved. 

The various benevolent institutions of the day will claim your serious at- 
tention and prayerful co-operation. 

The circulation of tlie Sacred Scriptures, of Tracts, and the Lntlieran Ob- 
server, the interest of Domestic Missions, Sabbath Schools, and Special Con- 
ferences, are not to be forgotten. 

Having thus noticed such subjects connected with the interest of the 
Church as my constitutional duty required, I now resign the trust committed 
to my care, accompanied with my sincere thanks for the confidence you re- 
posed in my feeble efforts to serve you. 

I now close my official duties witli the humble prayer, that the Holy Spir- 
it may influence and direct us in all our deliberations. Amen. 

JOHN D. 6CHECK, President. 

The Synod being now duly constituted, proceeded to elect 
officers for the ensuing year, which resuked as follows : 

Rev. SAM'L. ROTHROCK, President. 
" J. B. ANTHONY, Secretary. 

No Corresponding Delegates being present, the reading of 
the Minutes of last year was next in order ; when it was 

I. Besolved, That the reading be dispensed with, and that 
they be referred to a committee to report any unfinished busi- 
ness of the same. 

Committee. — Revs. J. A. Linn, and J. Swicegood. 

Letters, documents, &c., designed for the Synod were now 
called for, handed in, and distributed amongst the following 

First Committee. — Revs. W. Artz, B. Arey, and Mr. M. 

Second Committee.— Revs. W. G. Barter, J. Crim, and Mr. 
M, Davis. 

Third Comjni/tee.—Rev. J. D. Scheck, and iMessrs. J. M. 
Smith, and Allen Rose. 

Fourth Committee.— Rev. J. Crim, and Messrs. J. Ribelin, 
and F. Ostwald. 

Fifth Committee.— Rqy. B. Arey, and Messrs. J. Sloop, and 
J. B. Low. 

Sixth Committee.— Revs. J. Swicegood, J. A. Linn, and Mr. 
M. Barrier. 

Seventh Committee.— Ri^y. J. B. Anthony, and Mr. M. Da- 

The parochial reports being now in order were called for, 
handed in, and are as follows : 










































Rev. J. D. Scheck, 2 











" W. Artz, 4 


" J. B. Anthony, 2 











" S. Rolhrock, , 2 








" B. Arey, 2 






" W. G. Harler, 3 












" J. Crim, j 3 





" J. A. Linn, : 3 


























The Treasurer of Synod for the preceding year, Mr. D. Bar- 
ringer, made his report on the state of the Treasury. 

IL /Resolved, That a committee of two be appointed to audit 
the account of the Treasurer and report thereon. 

Committee.— Messrs. J. M. Smith, and J. B. Low. 

'J'he number and state of vacant congregations were inquired 
mto. Verbal statements were made by several of the breth- 
ren, but inasmuch as there were communications from several 
vacant churches, the further consideration of the subject was 
deferred until after the committees shall have reported. 


III. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to receive the 
contributions for Synod, and pay them over to the Treasurer 
elect, and take his bond. 

Co?nmittee .—Messrs . A. Rose, and J. Ribeiin. 

The delegate to the General Synod, Rev. B. Arey, made his 
report, which is as follows : 

Report No. 1. 

The delegate from this body to the last General Synod, would respectfully 
report, that he attended said meeting, and was fraternally received by that 
body. The meeting was unusually large and interesting, and was conduct- 
ed with great harmony and friendship, exhibiting a high regard for the inter- 
ests of Christ's kingdom in general, and especially, for that part over which 
they have been placed as stewards. 

The particular items of business transacted by said body claiming the at- 
tention of this Synod, are perhaps the following: 

1st. The plan of Christian Union. This should be a matter of deep inter- 
est to this body, and one which should receive our hearty co-operation. It 
is a laudable and praiseworthy cause. 2d. The^" subject of a new Liturgy 
which will be found under the 26th Resolution of the Minutes of General 
Synod. 3d. The Minister's Fund established by the Book Company in Bal- 
timore, the interest of which is to be paid to the General Synod for their 
disposal ; has for its object the alleviation of disabled Ministers or the wid- 
ows and orphans of such as have died in indigent circumstances. Its claims 
should be responded to by the whole church. Lastly, we would especially 
invite the attention of this body to the Home Missionary Society. This is 
a cause in which the whole church should feel deeply concerned. Its object 
is to supply the destitute portions of our church in the United States with 
the preached gospel. Especially should this Synod lend a helping hand in 
this noble cause, for there is perhaps no Synod according to its numbers cov- 
ers a large field of Missionary ground than that of North Carolina. "^ 

These with many other considerations of not less importance might claim 
the attention of this Synod ; but as the Minutes of the General Synod have 
been appropriately referred, we hope the committee whose duty it is to ex- 
amine that document will be able to give the subjects a full investigation, and 
in their report offer such recommendations and resolutions, as in view of the 
importance of the case, may meet the approbation of this Synod, and do jus- 
tice to the objects themselves. 

Your delegate would further state, that he had the pleasure of seeing and 
conversing with brethren from every part of our beloved Zion, from wiiich, 
it appears to be in a most flourishing condition. All that is necessary to 
commend our church to the consideration of all men, is, we think, to make 
it known — explain its principles and doctrines, and it will be loved and sus- 


In conclusion, I cannot too forcibly urge upon this body the great impor- 
tance of endeavorinjj to liave at all times, a full clerical and lay representa- 
tion in each meeting of the General Synod. If we wish to keep up the good 
feeling which now exists between the General Synod and the church in the 
South, it is all important that we be ecjually and fully represented at every 
meeting of said body. The next meeting oJ the General Synod will be held 
in the city of JXew York, on Saturday succeeding the i.'d Thursday of May, 

All of which is respectfully submitted, 



IV. Resolvedy That the above report be adopted. 

Brother Arey made a statement of his deficit over and above 
what he received to meet his expenses, from the General Syn- 
od ; whereupon it was 

Ordered, That he be allowed $5 additional pay. 

Rev. W. G. Harter then made a verbal statement of his visit 
to the Synod of South Carolina, and of the fraternal manner in 
which he was received by that body, and of the prosperous 
state of the church within the bounds of that Synod. He sta- 
ted that the Rev. N. Aldrich^^^ had been elected as delegate to 
this body. 

Ordered, That the Treasurer pay Rev. W. G. Ilarter $10 48 
travelling expenses to the Synod of South Carolina. 

Ordered, That the former Secretary receive $1 10 on ac- 
count of postage. 

Ordered, That Rev. J. D. Scheck receive 87^ cents on ac- 
count of postage. 

The report of Treasurer of Centenary Fund was presented 
and referred to a committee for examination. 

Committee. — Rev. B. Arey, and Mr. J. B. Low. 

The Rev. W. Artz, delegate to the Western Virginia Synod. 

*J^ole. — Since the meeting of Synod, a letter has been shown me from this 
brother, which he intended should reach liere before Synod ; in which he of- 
fers the following excuse for non-attendance : — "Such is the state of rcligi- 
gious feeling in my congregation that I deem it imprudent to absent myself. 
The Lord has begun to cheer our hearts with refreshing showers of divine 
grace. Prayer meetings are held amoncf my people every day in the week* 
and the good Lord has blessed them to the awakening of some, and the con- 
version of others. Secretary. 


Report No. 2. 

Your delegate to the South Western Virginia Synod of the Evangelical 
Lutlieran ciiurcli, would stale that he attended the last annual meeting of 
that Synod ; — that he was most kindly received, and participated the most 
cordial friendship of the brethren ; — that our affairs in relation to the divi- 
sion of our joint Seminary Fund have been satisfactorily and finally closed ; 
and that to reciprocate the friendship of this body and to keep up a fraternal 
correspondence between their Synod and the Synod of North Carolina, which 
formerly were one, a ministerial delegate was appointed to attend the pres- 
ent meeting of this body. 

Respectfully submitted, 


V. Resolved, That the interest, $23 83, arising from Cen- 
tenary Fund be paid to the Treasurer of the Missionary and 
Education Society- 

Adjourned to Saturday morning 9 o'clock. 

Prayer by br. Swicegood. 

Saturday, May 21, 9 o'clock A. M. 
Synod met according to adjournment and was opened with 
prayer by Rev. J. Scherer. 

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. 
The Rev. J. Scherer, corresponding delegate from the Wes- 
tern Virginia Synod having arrived, was introduced to Synod, 
and invited to a seat among us, and a participation in all our 

The committee on document marked No. 1, reported. 

Report No. 3. 

The committee appointed to examine the President's annual report have 
attended to the duty assigned them, and beg leave to direct the attention of 
Synod to the following items: 

1st. The President's recommendation in relation to bro Arey's resignation of 
St. Paul's church, and the unpleasant state of things existmg there. Your 
committee recommend the appointment of a committee consisting of four 
ministerial and three lay members, who shall meet at some suitable place as 
soon as practicable to hear the statements of bro. Arey, and any other per- 
sons that may be concerned in the unpleasant affair ; to propose such measures 
as may be calculated to adjust all difficulties and differences, and to restore 


peace and harmony in the coiicrrcgatiou, and among the parties concerned, 
and report to Synod the result of tlieir meeting. Wo reconunend that the 
President and Secretary of Synod attend and preside over this meeting as 
over all other sessions of Synod. 

2nd. With regard to the resolution authorising the President to opcn,a cor- 
respondence with the Board of Dircrtors of the Soutii CaroHna Seminary 
with a view of changing the location of the same ; which resolution was 
omitted in the printed minutes of last year: — your committee rceoiumend 
that the Secretary bo called upon to state to Synod the reasons wliich led 
him to suppress said resolution in plain violation of the duty imposed upon 
him by the constitution of the Synod, which requires that officer to keep an ac- 
curate and entire record of the proceedings of Synod. 

3rd. Your committee recommend that the Rev. A. Grimes be excused for 
not attending the present meeting of Synod for the reasons assigned. 

4th. We rccomuiend thattlio Report iisamenrlod he appended to the min- 
utes. Respectfully submitted, 





VI. Resolved, That the items in the above report be taken 
up and considered separately. 

T\\e first item was then read and adopted, and the following 
committee appointed. 

Revs. J. A. Linn, J. Scherer, J. Crim, and J. Swicegood, 
Messrs. J. M. Smith, J. B. Low, and M. Davis. 

The second item was then adopted, and the Secretary gave 
his reasons for the non-appearance of the resolution on the 
printed Minutes, but stated that it was retained on the record. 

The third item was then taken up and discussed, but before 
coming to any decision it was laid over for future consideration. 
.. The fourth item was then considered, and it was 
I Vn. Resolved, That Rev. A Grimes be excused for non-at- 
tendance at this meeting of Synod. 

The further consideration of the report was then deferred for 
the present. 

The committee appointed to settle with the Treasurer of last 
year made their report. 







$ 6 











Report No. 4. 

The committee appointed to settle with David Barringer, Esq. former 
Treasurer of this Synod, beg leave to make the following report; 
To cash remaining in the Treasury last year, 
Contributions received at last Synod, - - _ . 

Paid by direction of Synod, 

To Rev. S. Rothrock, 

" " W. C. Harter, 

" " J. D. Scheck, 

" Bruner & James, for printing minutes, 

Total paid out, 

Balance in the Treasury, 
Your committee have examined the above report and find it correct. 

Jx\0. M. SMITH, 

The committee under the 20th resolution of the Synod of 
last 3^eai% appointed to propose a revision of the constitution of 
Synod, made their report, through their chairman, Rev. J. B. 
Anthony, which was accepted, and laid on the table, and made 
the special order of the day for Monday morning next. 

The committee appointed to audit the account of the treasu- 
rer of Centenary Fund, reported: 

Report No. 5. 

Henry Miller, in account with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North 
Carolina. Dr. 

Received at the meeting of Synod at Luther Chapel, Sept. 1842, $21 52^ 

«• " " " Sandy Creek, - - 31 90 

« " " " Concord, May 1844, - 114 75 

" «« *' " St. Paul's, " 1845, - 155 2\\ 

Interest added, 13 68 

$397 06J 
Interest accruing on the above, May 4, 1846, - - - 23 83 

H. MILLER, Treas. of Cent. Fund. 

Adjourned to meet again on Monday, 9 o'clock, A. M. 
Benediction by the President. 


After an intermission of about ;J0 minutes, a large congrega- 
tion being present, the Rev. W. G. Harter preached a sermon 
from 2. Pet. iii, 14. After which the pastor, Rev. J. B. An- 
thony, admitted 12 persons to the communion of the church by 
the solemn and impressive rile of confirmation. 


The relio-ious services of tlic Sabbath were commenced 
with a sermon by the I^ev. Wm. Artz, from Rom. iii, 21: Be- 
ing justified freely by his grace, through the redemption that 
is in Christ Jesus. Immediately thereafter the sacrament of 
the Lord's Supper was administered, first to the members of 
Synod, and then to a large number of communicants. After 
an intermission, the Rev. Jacob Scherer addressed the congre- 
gation from 1. Pet. ii, 2: ^6* new-born babes, desire the sincere 
milk of the word that ye may grow thereby. In the evening, 
prayer meetings were held in different parts of the neighbor- 


Monday morning, May 4th, 184G. 

Synod met and was opened with religious exercises by the 
President. After the calling of the roll, the minutes of Satur- 
day were read and approved. 

The President gave notice that the business which had been 
made the order of the day would take the precedence. An ap- 
peal was taken from his decision and sustained. The report 
of the committee upon the President's report, which had been 
laid over without reference to time, was then taken up. The 
:M and 5th items not having been acted upon; the 3d was 
then considered. After some discussion, the following resolu- 
tion was adopted. 

VIII. Besolved, That the recommendation in the 3d item of 
the committee upon the President's report, be stricken out. 

The 5th item was then taken into consideration, and the fol- 
lowing resolution passed. 

TX. Resolved, That the words "by the committee." after the 
word amended, in the 5th item, be stricken out. 


The 2d iteiii was then re-considered and the following reso- 
hition passed. 

X. Besolved, The Secretary having assigned his reasons for 
the omission in the printed minutes of the resolution authorizing 
the President of the Synod to open a correspondence with the 
Board of Directors of the South Carolina Seminary, on the sub- 
ject of removing that institution within the geographical bounds 
of this Synod, that ahhough he considered himself as acting in 
accordance with the view of some of the brethren, and for the 
best interests of the church ; yet this Synod do not deem them 

The report as a whole was then adopted. 

The business whic'i had been made the order of the day, 
viz : the report of the committee upon a revision of the consti- 
tution of Synod, then came up. The proposed amendments 
were read section by section, and carefully compared with the 
constitution as it now is, and has been since the last revision, 
and each section adopted separately. The first chapter was 
passed over in this way, after Avhich the Synod adjourned to 
Tuesday morning. Benediction by the President. 

This afternoon the Missionary and Education Society held its 
anniversary, the proceedings of which will be found in the sub- 
sequent pages of the minutes. 


Tuesday morning, May 5th, 1846. 

Synod was opened with the usual religious services by Rev. 
B. Arey. 

After calling the roll, the minutes of Monday were read and 

The committee on the revision of the Constitution of Synod, 
proceeded with their report, beginning at the 2d chapter, and 
reading section by section, and comparing as before until the 
whole had been passed over. The adoption of the whole re- 
port then came up; whereupon i: was 

XI. Resolved, That the Constitution as amended be adopted 
as the Constitution of this Synod. 


The committtee No. 2 made their report which is as follows: 

Report No. G. 

Committee No. 2 beg leave to offer tlio following report upon several 
communications addressed to this Synod. 

The first we noiicc is a letter Ooni Catawba county, with fifiecn sijrnatures. 
These brethren and Iricnds present their comnumication in the form of a 
petition to this Synod, that if pussiblu, a minister be sent to break unto 
them the bread of life — proniisinjj that tljey will contribute to his support and 
comfort, as much as their ability will permit. We sympathise with our 
friends in Catawba, and earnestly recomniend their destitute situation, to the 
prayerful consideration of Synod — and if possible, some arrangement be 
made to supply them with the regular services of a minister of their choice. 
A second communication from the same individuals of tlie above named 
county, contains a petition to this Synod to hold its next annual convention 
in St. Paul's Church. We refer this sul)jcct to the consideration of Synod 
when the choice is made for the place of our next meeting. 

Lastly, a letter from the Elders and Deacons of St. John's church, Ca- 
barras county, presents a request that a committee be appointed to assist 
their pastor in the dedication of their new house of worship, as soon as it 
shall be completed. We recommend that their request be granted. 
Respectfully submitted, 


The committee appointed to examine the minutes of last 
year made their report. 

Bcport No. 7. 

The committee to whom was referred the duty of examining the minutes 
of last year, have considered the same, and submit the following as their 
Repoit: — 

Tiiey find that by the 8th resolution of last year's minutes a committee 
was created, to sell or present, at their discretion, to members of Synod, the 
books bequeathed to this body by the late Rev. Stork. 

On page 19th they find that the consideration of the subject of colporlage 
as referred to in Report 13, was deferred until the present mcetinfr of Synod. 
Your committee are not apprized of any other unfinished business; but 
would respectfully call the attention of Synod to the above particulars. 
Respectfully submitted, 



The books referred to, being in the German language, were 
then distributed by the committee to such members of the 
Synod as could read them. 

The subject of colportage was then considered and the fol- 
lowing resolution adopted. 

XII. Resolved, That we, as a Synod, hail with gratitude to 
God, the interest that has recently been manifested by the 
American Tract Society for the German population of this 
country, and particularly the colporteur system, as wisely 
adapted to the wants of our churches, and we hereby pledge 
ourselves to co-operate with said society in sustaining and car- 
rying forward their plans to bless our country and the world. 

Committee No. 3, made their report which is as follows: 

Report No, 8. 

The committee to whom were referred sundry papers for examination, 
beff leave to present the following report : 

No. 1. Is a letter from bro. Grieson, stating his inability, in consequence 
of increasing age and infirmity to attend the present meeting of Synod and 
respectfully requests that the apology offered for his absence may be sus- 
tained. Your committee recommend that he be excused. 

No. 2. Is a petition from Sandy Creek, Beck's, and Pilgrim's churches in 
Davidson county, stating that the Rev. bro. Crim had dissolved his pastoral 
connection with them, and ask this body to consider their destitution, and to 
supply them at least to some extent, with the preached word. 

No. 3. Contains an invitation from the Elders and Deacons of Organ 
church, extended to this body to hold its next annual meeting in said church. 
Your committee recommend that above named church be put in nomination 
with others, when the place of tlie next meeting of Synod shall be determined. 

No. 4. Is a petition from St. Paul's church, Iredell county, soliciting min- 
isterial services. As St. Paul's church forms a part of St. Michael's charge, 
and bro. Arey being the pastor of said charge, your committee recommend 
the reference of this petition to the ministerium. 



The treasurer of Seminary Fund reported. 
Xltl. Resolved, That this report be referred to a committee 
for examination. Committee, Messrs. A. Rose and J. B. Low. 


Committee No. 5 read the following report : 
Report No. 9. 

The committee to whom were referred tho minutes of the 9Sth session of 
the German Evan. Lutheran Minister ium of Pennsylvania and adjacent 
States ; the 60th session of the niinistorium of the State of New York ; pro- 
ceedings of a Convention, and first and second sessions of the Evan. Lutheran 
Synod of Miami togetlier with the constitution of the same. 

The Ministerium of Pennsylvania and adjacent States, convened at Read- 
ing, Berks county, Pa., during Trinity week, from the 18th to 21st of May, 
1845. There are counecled with this Synod 56 ordained Ministers, and 7 

The officers are Rev. J. Miller, D. D., of Reading, President, Rev. J. 
W. Richards, Secretary; Rev. J. C. Baker, Treasurer. They report, Con- 
gregations 224 ; Baptisms 5,298 ; Confirmations 2,545 ; Communicants 
32,274; Funerals 1,996 ; Congregational Schools 115; Sunday Schools 96 ; 
Contributions to Synodical Fund $166 80 cents ; Mission in general $1,252 
46 cents. Nothing more of interest to this body, except that they acknow- 
ledge the reception of a copy of our minutes for May 3d, 1844. 

Next are the minutes of Evan. Luth. Ministerium of the State of N. York, 
held at Alleghany, (Rev. H. N. Pohlman's church,) September 6th, 1845. 
This body is composed of 32 ordained Ministers, and 1 Licentiate. 

The officers are Rev. H. N. Pohlman, President; Rev. J. C Duy, Secre- 
tary: N. W. Goertner, Treasurer. They report, Congregations 41 ; Bap- 
tisms of Infants 1,366 ; Adults 25 ; Confirmations 417; Admitted 54 ; Com- 
municants 2,799 ; Removed 74; Deaths of Members 81 ; Funerals Attended 
402; Sunday Schools 32 ; Teachers 258; Children Attending 2,066; Cate- 
chumens 84. The contributions not being added up we have omitted them. 
This Synod has most decidedly disapproved of and condemned the two ex- 
tremes into which the present age seem to have run in relation to Old and 
New Measures, a superstitious veneration for antiquity on the one hand, and 
a fondness for novelty on the other. They regard it as the true policy of 
the Lutheran Church, for each pastor to adopt such measures in his owr 
churches, as he conscientiously believes to be consistent with the Bible, and 
likely to prove useful. They have also acknowled^^ed tho reception of a 
copy of the minutes of the Synod of N. Carolina, convened at St. Paul's 
Church, Orange county, N. C, May 2d, 1845. 

Next is a copy of proceedings of a convention, first and second sessicfi/f of 
the Miami Synod, first session or convention, convened at Xenia, Ohio, 
October 16th, 1844. Second session convened at Dayton, April 19th, 1845. 
At the convention the meeting was organized by appointing Rev. J. Crig- 
ler. Chairman, and Rev. D. P. Rosenmiller, Secretary. There were present 
at this meeting 8 ordained Ministers and 3 Licentiates. 

Second session convened at Dayton, Ohio, April 19th, 1845. Tho offi- 


cers of this Synod are Rev. C. F. Schaeffer, President ; Rev. D. P. Rosenmil- 
ler, Secretary ; Rev. J. Surface, Treasurer. 

They report, Congregations 32 ; Communicants 1,723 ; Baptisms of In- 
fants 133 ; Adults 43 ; Confirmations i54 ; Admitted 22 ; Expelled 6 ; Bu- 
ried 40; Sunday Schools 10: Prayer Meetings 21; Synodical Contributions 
^50 99 cents ; Missionary Contributions $19 25 cents. Nothing more of 
importance to this Synod, only that they also acknowledge the reception of 
a copy of the minutes of the N. Carolina Synod, held at Concord, Cabarras 
county, N. C, May 3d, 1844. In conclusion your committee are happy to 
say, that the brethren composing these several Synods, seem to be actively 
engaged in the Master's cause, and in sustaining and carrying forward all 
the benevolent operations of the day. Your committee would recommend 
this body to favor the several Synods above named, with copies of the min- 
utes of this Synod, and express our best wisiies for them, and the promotion 
of the cause which they so ardently desire to push forward. 
Respectfully submitted, 



Synod then adjourned to meet again at one o'clock. 


Tuesday, 1 o'clock, P. M. May 6th. 

The religious exercises were conducted by br. J. Swicegood. 

XIV. Resolved, That a committee of two ministers and two 
lay-men be appointed to revise the conferential districts and 
report thereon, as soon as convenient. Committee.'— Rew. 
Messrs. B. Arey and W. G. Harter, Messrs. M. Barrier and 
J. B. Low. 

The committee appointed under the 1st item of the report of 
the committee upon the President's report, submitted the fol- 
lowing : — 

Report No. 10. 

The committee appointed for the purpose of adjusting the difficulties at 
present existing in St. Paul's congregation, in Iredell county, and to pro- 
pose such measures as may be calculated to promote peace and harmony, 
beg leave to submit the following report : 

1st. Your committee are of opinion that as this matter has not been regu- 
larly brought before this body, according to the provisions of the formula of 
Discipline, this Synod cannot pass any decisive action upon it. 

2d. Your committee recommend that liie individuals who may be irame- 


dialely concerned in this matter, hold a meeting i^such timo and place aa 
may suit their convenience, with a view to an amicable adjustment of the 
differences that may exist among them; and for the accomplishment of this 
desirable object, we recommend that they invite several ministers and pious 
lay-men in our connection to attend tlieir meeting. We recommend that 
br. Arey be requested to appoint this meeting. 

JOSEPH A. LINN, Cludrwan. 

The committee on documents marked No. 6, reported. 

Report No. 11. 

The committee, appointed to examine documents marked No. 6, would 
respectfully report : 

1st. Is the minutes of the 15th annual session of the Flartwick Synod of 
the Ev. Lutheran Church, in the State of New York, which convened at 
Schagticoke, June 7, 1845. That Synod contains 17 Ministers; 25 Con- 
gregations; 241 infant, and 17 adult Baptisms ; 56 Confirmations; 3,187 
Communicants ; 20 Prayer Meetings, and 26 Sunday Schools. The officers 
are, G. A. Lintner, D. D., President ; David Eyster, Secretary, and Martin 
J. Stover, Treasurer. 

2d. Is the proceedings of the 13th Convention of the General Synod of the 
United States, which convened in Philadelphia, May 16, 1846. There were 
13 Synods represented in this body. The officers are Rev. H. N. Pohlmau, 
D. D., President ; Prof M. Jacobs, Secretary, and Dr. D. Gilbert, Treasurer. 

Your committee find several things in the proceedings of this body worthy 
our attention. On page 29th, the attention of the several Synods have been 
directed to the importance of maintaining, each, a full delegation to that 
body. We recommend that the intention of the resolution be carried out 
by us in future. On page 42d your committee find that each Secretary of 
the several Synods is to be furnished "with a revised copy of the Liturgy for 
examination. We recommend that this body, when furnished with a copy 
of the above Liturgy give our delegates all necessary instruction. In the 
language of the 50th resolution, we earnestly recommend the appointment 
of the first Monday in January, annually, as a day of special humiliation and 

Your committee find many other items touching the best interests of our 
beloved Zion, and the extension of Christ's kingdom. With gratitude to 
God we hail the increase of Christian union, and general benevolence as 
manifested in that body. Deferentially submitted, 

J. A. LINxV, 



The committee oi|^ocuments marked No. 4 submitted the 
following : — 

Report No. 12. 

Your committee to whom was referred the minutes of sister Synods beg- 
leave to report : 

No. 1. Is a copy of the minutes of the Pittsburg Synod. This copy em- 
braces the proceedings of two meetings of tliis infant ecclesiastical body. 
The first took place on the 15th Januafy, 1846. The convention was com- 
posed of 8 bishops and 6 lay delegates. On this occasion they organized the 
above named Synod. 

The second session of this body was held at Shippensville, Pa., June 5tb, 
1846. At this meeting they numbered 8 bishops and 6 licentiates. The 
officers are bishop M. J. Steck, President ; bishop W. A. Passavant, Secre- 
tary i» and G. Weyman, Treasurer. The parochial report presents the fol- 
lowing: — 50 Congregations, 12 of which are vacant; 461 Baptisms; 3,473 
Communicants; and 31 Sabbath Schools. There is a Missionary Society in 
connection with this body which indicates that these brethren are zealously 
engaged in their Master's vineyard. 

iVo. 2. Is the minutes of the Synod of Western Virginia which met the 7th 
of June, 1845. They number 8 ministers. The officers are Rev. E. Haw- 
kins, President; Rev. J. A. Brown, Secretary; and Rev. G. Scherer, Trea- 
surer. The parochial report shows 20 Congregations ; 104 Baptisms; 1,414 
Communicants ; 12 Prayer Meetings ; 5 Sunday Schools, and 7 Temperance 

No. 3. Is a copy of the minutes of the Maryland Synod, which held its 
last meeting in the city of Washington, D. C, October 16th, 1845. They 
number 28 Ministers who are ordained, and 3 Licentiates. The officers are. 
Pi.ev. J. G. Morris, President; Rev. C. Lepley, Secretary, and Rev. J. P. Cline, 
Treasurer. Thefr parochial report presents the following pleasing statistics : 
Congregations 60 ; Communicants 7,369 ; Baptisms 989 ; Sabbath Schools, 
Lutheran 87; Union 35. 

No. 4. Is the minutes of the Synod of South Carolina. They number 26 
ordained Ministers, 3 Licentiates, and 8 Students. The officers chosen at the 
last meeting are Rev. J. C. Hope, President ; Rev. W. Berley, Secretary ; 
Col. W. Caugliman, Treasurer. The parochial report presents the follow- 
ing table : 39 Congregations ; 386 Baptisms; 2,952 Communicants, and 24 
Sabbath Schools. 

We observe in these minutes that our brethren are zealously engaged in 
promoting the good of our beloved Zion, and in extending her borders. 
They are much interested in the cause of missions, from the respectable 
amounts reported : and in that of Sabbath Schools from the great number of 


Teachers and pupils which they report. May the Lord forward the wheels 
of tiie gospel chariot, till the bright dawn of millenial glory be ushered in. 
All of which is respectfully submitted, 

JACOB CRIM, Chairman. 

The committee appointed to receive the contributions from 
Oie churches, then read the following as their report : — 

The following are the contributions that have been handed in to your 
committee : 

From Rev. S. Jiothrock's Churches. 

Organ, $7 00 

St. Stephen's, 2 50 — $9 50 

From Rev. J. D. Schcck's Churches. 

St. John's, 8 00 

Luther's Chapel, 4 00 —12 00 

From Rev. JV. Jlrtz's Churches. 

Shoemaker's, 1 30 

Low's, - - - - - - - - 15 — 145 

From Rev. J. B. Anthony^ s Churches. 
Salisbury, or St. John's, - . - - 7 00 

Union, - 7 45 —14 45 

From Rev. W. G. Harter^s Churches. 

St. James', 3 50 

St. Enoch's, 2 71i 

Bethel, 1 52i— 7 734- 

From Rev. J. Ji. Linii's Churches. 
St. Paul's, 2 00 

St. Matthew's, 1 67^ 

Luther'5 Church, * 70 — 4 37J 

From Rev. J. Crim's Churches. 

St. Matthew's, 1 52 

Jerusalem, _-...- 60 

Sandy Creek, 1 12i— 3 14^ 

From Rev. B. Arey's Churches. 
St. Michael's, - - - - - 2 00 — 2 00 

From vacant Churches. 
St. Paul's, Iredell CO. 1 57| 

Pilgrims', Davidson co. - - - - 1 05 — 2 62^ 

Total, - - - $57 28^ 
Respectfully submitted, 


XV. Resolved, That the thanks of this Synod be, and they 
are hereby tendered to the friends in the vicinity of Union 
Church, for the kind and hospitable manner in which they 
have entertained the members of Synod and other visiting 
brethren and friends. 

The committee on Conferential Districts read the following 

Feport A^o. 13. 

The committee to whom was referred the subject of the Conferential Dis- 
tricts beg leave to present the following : 

1. We recommend that our Synodical bounds be divided into two Confer- 
ential Districts. 

2. The lower district to be composed of the following ministers, viz : — 
Rev. Messrs. W. Artz, S. Rothrock, J. A. Linn, W. G. Harter, and J. 

8. The upper district to be composed of the following brethren, viz: — Rev. 
Messrs. J. B. Anthony, J. D. Scheck, Benj. Arej, and J. Crim. 

4. We recommend that the ministers composing these districts endeavor to 

hold one Conference during the year in each pastorate, at such time and 

place as they may deem expedient. 

BENJ. AREY, Chairman. 


XVI. Fesolved, That the Secretary have 1000 copies of the 
minutes of the present S3niodical meeting printed, together 
with the Constitution of Synod — to send two copies to each 
sister Synod in the United States, except those that send cor- 
responding delegates to this body, to which he shall send five. 
The remainder to be distributed amongst the churches. 

Rev. W. Artz in the chair. The Synod then went into an 
election for corresponding delegates, &c., which resulted as fol- 
lows : — 

To Western Virginia Synod— Rev. S. Rothrock. 

The President resumed the chair. 

To South Carolina Synod — Rev. J. Crim. 

An election for Treasurer of Centenary Fund was then held, 
which resulted in the choice of Col. J. M. Smith, of Davidson 

Likewise an election was held for Treasurer of Seminary 
Fund: Mr. D. Miller was chosen. 

Committee No. 7 reported. 


JReport No. 14. 

In the distribution of papers, documouts, &c., abound volume of the Min- 
utes of the [jutlieran Synods in the United States for the last year, was put 
into the hands of your committee, which had been forwarded by the Luther- 
an Book Conipany, through the Rev. B. Arey, as a present to this body. 

The volume is a very neat one, and will, if preserved, reflect the portrait 
of American Lulheranism, as now existing, for years to come. 

Submitted willi deference, 

J. B. ANTHONY, Chairman. 

The report of the committee which had been appointed to 
audit the account of the Treasurer of Seminary Fund reported; 
but as there appeared from tiie report of the committee to be 
some discrepancy in the Treasurer's report, the wliole matter 
was referred to a committee by the following resolution: 

XVII. Resolved, That a coinmittee of two be appointed to 
confer with Mr. D. Miller, respecting his report as Treasurer 
of Seminary Fund, and correct any error or apparent discre- 
pancy, and take his bond, &c. 

Committee. — Rev. W. G. Harter, and Mr. M. Barrier, Esq. 

XVIII. Resolved, That a committee of two be appointed to 
settle with the former treasurer of Centenary Fund, pay the 
funds over to the treasurer elect, and take his bond. 

Committee. — Rev. J. B. Anthony and Mr. M. Davis. 

The Synod then went into an election for the place of the 
next meeting of Synod. Organ church. Rowan county, and St. 
Paul's church, Catawba county, were put in nomination, and 
after counting the votes it was ascertained that Organ church, 
Rowan county, N. C. was selected as the place for the next 
meeting of Synod. Whereupon it was, 

XIX. Resolved, That when this Synod adjourns, it stand 
adjourned to meet again at 10 o'clock A.M. on Friday before 
the first Sunday in May, 1847. 

The revised Constitution having been adopted which make 
provision for a corresponding Secretary, an election was then 
held for that officer, and upon counting the ballots, it was as- 
certained that according to the requirements of the constitution, 
the Rev. J. A. Linn had received a majority of all the votes 


Contributions to the Centenary Fund were then called for, 
and the following sums paid over to the committee who had 
been appointed to settle with the former treasurer, and to take 
the bond of the treasurer elect. 

From Organ Church, per Rev. S. Rothrock, S20 00 

" St. Stephen's Church, Mr. Barrier's 3d instalment, 5 00 
" St. Matthew's Church, per Rev. J. A. Linn, 8 00 

" Union Church, Mr. Tobias Brown's subscription, G 00 

Total, $39 00 

The Synod having disposed of all the business that had been 
brought before it, then adjourned sine die. 

SAML. ROTHROCK, President. 
J. B. Anthony, Secretary. 


or THE 



May 2nd, 3 o'clock, P. M. 

The meeting was opened with appropriate religious services 
by br. Jacob Crim. 

There was much profitable conversation by the brethren up- 
on the subject of our vacant congregations, and the necessity of 
continued and untiring efforts of ministers in this Synod to sup- 
ply the destitute, and to meet the wants of the church. 

Rev. J. Swicegood produced a private letter from the Rev. 
Mr. Hagen, of the United Brethren Church, in which he in- 
quired of br. Swicegood whether he could occupy one of our 
vacant churches. 

Br. Swicegood wished to know what answer to give br. Ha- 
gen. The ministerium directed him to say in reply to the let- 

ter: that it is the intention of the members of this ministerium 
to do all that they can to supply our vacant congregations. 


May 5th, 8 o'clock, P. M. 
The session was opened with prayer by tiie President. 
The business which had been referred to the ministerium by 
the adoption of the 8th report presented by the 3d committee, 
was taken up and discussed, and the following resolutions 

I. Resolved, That we cannot grant the request of the peti- 

II. Resolved, That the license of Rev. J. Swicegood be re- 
newed for one year. 

III. Resolved, That the ministers composing this body be 
requested to visit our vacant congregations in Catawba and Da- 
vidson counties as often as practicable. 

IV. Resolved, That we recommend the vacant congregations 
in Catawba and Davidson counties, to the special notice of the 
executive conmiittee of the Missionary and Education Society. 

V. Resolved, That we recommend the ministers in the Upper 
Conference District to inquire into the practicability of organiz- 
ing a congregation somewhere between 2d and 3d creeks, be- 
tween Salisbury and Statesviile to meet the wants of such of 
our members as may reside in that vicinity. 

VI. Resolved, That we recommend the ministers in the 
Lower Conference District to inquire into the practicability of 
organizing a congregation in or near Albemarle, in the county 
of Stanley. 

The ministerium then adjourned. 

SAM'L ROTHROCK, President. 
J. B. Anthony, Secretary. 






According to the appointment of last year, the Society met 
on Monday, P. M., 4th May, 1846, in Union Church, when the 
Missionary Sermon was preached by Rev. J. D. Scheck, from 
Isa. xlix, 16, " Behold I have graven thee upon the palms oj 
my hands, thy walls are continually before ??2e." 

The object of the society was then stated by the President, 
whereupon thirty-one persons enrolled their names as members 
for one year. After which the election of officers was held, 
and resulted as follows : 

Rev. J. D. SCHECK, President. 

" J. B. ANTHONY, Vice President. 

" WM. G. HARTER, Secretary. 
DAVID BARRINGER, Esq. Treasurer. 

The President made the following appointments : 

^s Executive Committee — Rev. Messrs. B. Arey, J. B.An- 
thony, J. Crim. 

Board of Directors — Rev. J. Swicegood, John Sloop, David 
Barringer, John Kerns, Wm. A. Walton, Wm. H. Smith. 

Committee to examine the former Treasurer's report — Da- 
vid Barringer, John Sloop, Wm. A. Wahon. 

The collection of money at the present meeting in aid of this 
society amounted to $16 82^ 


1. Resolved, That $2 87 cents be refunded to M. Barrier, 
which amount he paid out over what he received. 

2. ResolvciU That $1 25 cents be paid to Rev. J. D. Schcck, 
for postage paid out by him. 

The committee on the Treasurer's Account reported. 

Report No. 1. 
The committee to whom was referred the Treasurer's Report, beg leave to 
state that they have examined the same and find it correct. 


A noie on Rev. B. Arey and Rothrock, - - Sm '2 

On which is a credit, Feb. 9th, 1845 of - - - 50 00 

$127 72 

Interest on the above to 4th May, 1846, 


17 54 

Cash on hand, . . . . - 

30 55 

Whole amount due the society in cash, 

$175 81 

A note on L. C. Groseclose, - - - 

$75 00 

" " John Krimminger, 

- 60 00 

" Wm. H. Fink, 

65 00 - 

-$200 00 

$375 81 
Respectfully submitted, 

DAN'L BARRIER, Treamrtr. 

M. Barrier Esq. then rose and stated to the society that the 

other note amountinof to one hundred and ten dollars ajrainst 

Mr. John Krimminger, had been received by the late Rev. H. 

Graeber, whose order he held as voucher for paying the money 

to Mr. K. 

Money received from ^iuxiliary Societies per Rev. S. Rothrock. 
From Society at Organ Church, $5 25 

St. Stephen's Church, 5 37.]— 10 62.1 
Interest of Centenary money, - - - 23 85 

From Bethel Church, .... 1 20 

A committee was appointed to pay the money now in hand, 

to the treasurer elect, and take his bond. — Rev. Lynn, Col. 

Smith, and J. Kerns, committee. 


After a short interval, the committee reported that they had 
attended to their duty. 

The whole capital of this society in notes and cash, as seen 
by the foregoing exhibit, amounts to $428 31 cents. 

A letter was read from L. C. Groseclose by the President, 
stating his progress in study, his intentions, &c., pledging that 
he will refund the money received from this societ}?-, by mis- 
sionating in our bounds after his graduation, which is welcome 
intelligence to us, as we have now so wide a field in this State 
for missionary enterprise.* 

The committee appointed at your last annual meeting for the purpose of 
employing one or more Missionaries to labor in the destitute churches and 
places within the bounds of the Synod, beg leave to report, that after mak- 
ing every effort to secure the services of some competent person, they have 
failed in accomplishing the object contemplated by your society. 

Respectfully submitted, 

JOHN D. SCHECK, Chairman. 
The committee whose duty it was made to make search for the notes given 
to and held by your society, on Mr. John Krimminger, report, that in obe- 
dience to instructions of your society, they made diligent search for said 
notes, and succeeded in finding one of $60 00, which has been placed in the 
hands of your Treasurer. Submitted with deference, 

JOHN D. SCHECK, Cliairman. 

3. Resolved, That the President appoint some one to preach 
a Missionary Sermon at our next meeting, on Sunday, P. M. 
when a collection will be taken up in aid of the society : Rev. 
J. A. Lynn was appointed. 

4. Resolved, That extracts of our proceedings be printed 
with the minutes of the Synod. 

5. Resolved, That the President give his receipt to the for- 
mer treasurer, Daniel Barrier, against his bond to this society. 

6. Resolvedf That the next meeting of the society shall be 
at 2 o'clock on Monday, P. M, at the place of the meeting of 

7. Resolved, That we now adjourn. 

Sec'y. of Miss, and Ed. Society. 

*We wish to emptoy a domestic Missionary to labor within our State. 
Who will come to our aid? We need aid now. W. G. HARTER. 

C O N S T I T U T 10 N 






Of the Synod. 

Sec. 1. We whose names arc subscribed to this Constitu- 
tion, the Ministers of the Evangehcal Lutheran churches of 
North CaroHna, having united ourselves into one body, signify 
hereby that we desire to be known as " The Evangelical Lu- 
theran Synod 4' Ministerium of North Carolina;'^ and we 
solemnly promise to govern and regulate ourselves by the fol- 
lowing Constitution. 

Sec. 2. This Synod shall consist of all the Ministers, licensed 
candidates, and lay delegates duly authorised to represent the 
congregations within their respective districts. 

Sec. 3. The number of lay-votes shall not exceed that of the 
ordained clergymen and licentiates ; and if a lay-delegate be 
present from a pastorate in which there is no stated minister, 
he shall have a seat and the liberty of speech, but no vote : — 
But if a lay-delegate be present from a pastorate in which there 
is a stated minister, he shall have equal privileges with the oth- 
er lay-delegates. 

Sec. 4. It is the duty of this Synod to see that the rules of gov- 
ernment and discipline prescribed in the Formula, are observed 
by all the congregations and ministers within its bounds, to receive 
appeals from decisions of church councils and of special confer- 
ences, when regularly brought before them, and review and re- 

verse or confirm the decisions to which they refer ; to examine 
and decide on all charges against ministers and h'centiates, — 
that of heterodoxy alone excepted, to provide supplies for desti- 
tute congregations, and to devise and execute suitable measures 
for the promotion of piety and the general prosperity of the 

Sec. 5. The Synod and Ministerium shall have power to 
cite any church members within their bounds to appear before 
them, and to endeavor to obtain other witnesses when the case 
may require it. 

Sec, 0. If any congregation in connexion with this Synod, 
should refuse to observe the provisions of its Constitution or of 
the Formula, (see Art. 4 of Formula,) it shall be excluded from 
connexion with said Synod during the time of its refusal : nor 
shall any Minister or Licentiate belonging to the Synod, take 
charo-e of it without special permission of the President. 

Sec. 7. Any congregation, situated within the bounds of this 
Synod, may become connected with it by acceding to the pro- 
visions of its Constitution and Formula of Discipline, and ma- 
kino- some annual contribution towards defraying the expenses 
of said Synod. For this purpose an annual collection ought to 
be held in each congregation. 

Sec. 8. At least one meeting of the Synod shall be held ev- 
ery year, at such time and place as may be determined on by 
said Synod. 

Sec. 9. No minister or licentiate shall be absent from the 
meeting of the Synod without the most urgent necessity. In 
case of his absence, he shall, if possible, send to the President 
a written apology for his absence. Voluntary ministerial en- 
gagements shall not be regarded as a sufficient excuse. Any 
minister, (ordained or licensed,) violating the provisions of this 
section, shall be called to account by the President at the next 

Sec. 10. All letters and papers intended for the Synod or 
Ministerium, ought to be addressed to the President. 

Sec. 11. The minister of the place in which the Synod is 
held, with the church council, shall endeavor to provide for the 
entertainment of the ministers, candidates and lay-delegates by 
christian friends. 


Sec. 12. All the members of the Synod shall endeavor to as- 
semble on the evening preceding the day appointed. 

Sec. 13. Divine worship shall be celebrated during the meet- 
ing of the Synod, as often as may be convenient and consistent 
with the business of the Synod. 

Sec. 14. Ministerial delegates from other Lutheran Synods 
shall be entitled to a seat, and to a participation in all our synod- 
ical transactions, except that of voting. 

Sec. 15. Ministers of good standing in orthodox ecclesiastical 
bodies or sister churches, who may happen to be present, or who 
appear as delegates from said bodies, may be received as advi- 
sory members, but cannot vote in any of the decisions of the 

C H A P T E R II . 

Officers of the Synod. 

Sec. 1. The officers of the Synod shall be a President, Cor- 
responding and Recording Secretaries and Treasurer, who, ex- 
cept the Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, shall be the 
officers of the Ministerium. 

Sec, 2. All these officers shall be chosen annually by ballot, 
by a majority of the votes of the ministers and lay-delegates pres- 
ent ; the President and Secretaries from among the ordained 
ministers, but the Treasurer may be chosen from among the 
lay-members of the the church. 

Sec. 3. The President and Recording Secretary shall not be 
eligible for more than three successive years, but the Corres- 
ponding Secretary and Treasurer shall always be re-eligible. 

Of the President. 

Sec. 4. The President shall deliver a synodical discourse at 
the meeting of every Synod ; and he shall, in connexion with 
the pastor loci, appoint the other individuals who are to preach 
during the session. 

Sec, 5. He shall, at the beginning of every Synod, make a 
written report of all the official business transacted and letters 
received by him since the last meeting, and of all the important 
events which have occurred relating to the Synod, and may re- 


commend for their consideration, such measures as he may 
deem necessary, or calculated to promote the cause of God. — 
This report shall be laid on the table, and dealt with as all oth- 
er papers coming before the body. 

Sec. 6. He shall preside at all meetings of- the Synod and 

Sec. 7. The President has a right to take part in the discus- 
sions as well as any other member. When the house is equal- 
ly divided on any question, he has the casting vote. In all oth- 
er cases he has no suffrage, except when an election is held by 
ballot, and then he has not the casting vote. 

Sec. 8. The President shall preserve order, not suffer more 
than one member to speak at a time, secure to each person lib- 
erty to speak without interruption from others, and shall pre- 
vent the speaker from deviating from the subject before the 


Sec. 9. The President shall take care that each subject be 

duly considered before a decision be made. He shall distinct- 
ly rehearse each motion when no one has any further observa- 
tions to offer, and take the vote of the house on the same. 

Sec. 10. When the votes are called for, they are to be given 
by ayes and nays, and no further observations are then admis- 

Sec. 11. The President has the appointment of all commit- 
tees which are not to be elected by ballot, or otherwise ; and 
every motion for the formation of a committee shall specify in 
what way it is to be formed. 

Sec. 12. It is an important part of his duty to give counsel to 
every member of the Synod when he deems it expedient, and 
particularly to admonish and advise every erring brother. If 
accusation has been lodged against any member of this body, 
according to chapter 3d, section 5th, of the Formula, or if he 
has any reason to believe that any minister is living in any ma- 
terial violation of the rules of this Constitution, it shall be his 
duty to call upon the individual to relieve his character from 
said imputation before the Synod or Ministerium. 

Sec. 13. Should the President remove from the hmits of the 
Synod or depart this life, then the Secretary shall succeed him, 
and discharge the duties of the President until the next Synod. 


Of the Recording Secretary. 

Sec. 14. The Recording Secretary shall keep a faithful and 
accurate record of all the proceedings of the Synod and Minis- 
terium, carefully preserve all the papers, the seal of the Sj'nod, 
&c., subject to its direction, and shall do all the ollicial writing 
of the Synod not otherwise provided for. 

Sec. 15. He shall give public notice of the time and place of 
the Synodical meeting at least six weeks before the time ap- 

Sec. 16. He is to keep a register of the names of all the min- 
isters and licentiates, arranged according to their age in office, 
and also of the congregations, whether vacant or not, connected 
with the Synod. 

Sec. 17. If the accumulation of business should render it ne- 
cessary, the President may appoint an assistant Secretary, whose 
office shall expire at the close of the session of the Synod. 

Sec. 18. If in the recess of the Synod, the Secretary should 
remove into the bounds of another Synod, or depart this life, 
the President shall require the archives, the seal, and all other 
property of the Synod to be delivered to him, and shall retain 
the charge of them until the next session of Synod, when he 
shall appoint a Secretary pro tem. 

Sec. 19. Unless the archives are otherwise disposed of by 
the Synod, they shall be in the charge and custody of the Sec- 
retary. Any minister or delegate of a congregation connected 
with said Synod, shall have free access to them, but no part of 
them shall be allowed to be taken away or destroyed. 

Of the Corresponding Secretary. 

Sec. 20. It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary 
to perform all the public correspondence with other ecclesiasti- 
cal bodies and with individuals, relative to the general interests 
of the church, and particularly of this Synod. 

Sec. 21. He shall make a minute of all important matters 
which may be communicated to him, either by letter or in the 
Minutes of Lutheran Synods, which he shall present to this Syn- 
od at its regular meeting in the form of a report. 


Of the Treasurer. 

Sec. 22. The Treasurer shall take charge of all the monies 
belonging to the Synod, and shall keep thena subject to its or- 
der. He shall give bond and security in such sum as the Syn- 
od may direct. He shallkeep and present at each annual meet- 
ing a detailed and faithful account of the state of the Treasury. 

Sec. 23. An order from the President attested by the Secre- 
tary, on the Treasurer, shall be a sufficient voucher for him to 
pay any money out of the Treasury. 

Sec. 24. Should the Treasurer, during the recess of the Syn- 
od, remove out of its bounds, or be removed by death, the Pres- 
ident shall cause all monies, certificates, bonds and documents 
belonging to the Synod, to be delivered into his hands, and shall 
have the charge of them until the next synodical session. 


Members of the Synod. 

Sec. 1. It is the sacred duty of every ordained minister, li- 
centiate and lay-delegate of this Synod, to observe the provi- 
sions of this Constitution. 

Sec. 2. It is recommended to every ordained minister and li- 
centiate, to aid in circulating among the members of his charge, 
the books proposed by said Synod. 

Sec. 3. No minister or licentiate shall interfere with the con- 
gregations of another, by preaching or performing other minis- 
terial duties in them, except by his request or consent, if pres- 
ent ; nor in his absence, if he have reason to think that any evil 
would result to said church. 

Sec. 4. Any minister or licentiate in good standing, who re- 
moves from the bounds of this Synod, into those of another, 
shall, on application to the President, receive a certificate under 
his signature of his regular dismission. 

Sec. 5. Whenever a minister moves within the bounds of 
this Synod, and takes charg^e of congregations under our care, 
he shall immediately notify the President of the fact, and he 
shall likewise connect himself with our Synod at its next session. 

Sec. 6. Every ordained minister has the right to leave his 


charge and remove to another whenever he believes it his duty 
so to do ; yet he must give his congregations and the President 
timely notice of his intended removal. 

Sec. 7. If any minister voluntarily dissolves his connection 
with, or is suspended or excommunicated from this Synod, his 
connection with his cengregations as pastor thereof shall imme- 
diately cea^e. 

Sec, 8. A licensed candidate shall have the liberty to visit 
vacant congregations, either upon receiving an invitation from 
ihem, or upon the advice of the Synod or President. 

Sec, 9. After a licentiate has a stated charge, he shall be re- 
stricted to it, and shall not resign it without the consent of the 
Ministerium, or in its recess, of the President. 

Sec. 10. A licentiate has power to perform all the ministeri- 
al functions during the time specified in his Hcense. 

Sec. 11. In addition to the obligations of ministers specified 
in Chap. 3, Sec. 1, of Formula, it is the duty of licentiates par- 
ticularly, to devote all their leisure time to their personal im- 
provement in knowledge and grace, to receive counsel from the 
President, and apply to him for advice in case of difficulty. 

Sec. 12. Every licentiate must keep a regular journal of his 
ministerial acts, which with a few sermons of his own composi- 
tion, he must deliver or send annually for the inspection of the 

Sec. 13. If any congregation in connection with this Synod, 
shall, without our consent, employ as its pastor, a minister who 
has been expelled from any ecclesiastical body, or who is not 
acknowledged by this Synod, said congregation shall be exclu- 
ded from our connection. 

Sec. 14. Any licentiate, coming from the bounds of another 
Lutheran Synod, shall, upon presenting a letter of dismissal, be 
received as a member of our Synod, and his license shall be re- 
garded as valid. 


Sec. 15. It shall be the duty of the council or councils of the 
church or churches of each pastoral district, to elect annually a 
lay-delegate to attend the meeting of Synod ; and the delegate 

so selected shall receive a certificate signed by the Pastor and 
countersigned by one or more members of the church council ; 
but if^ the pastorate be vacant, the certificate shall be signed by 
members of the church council only. 

Sec. 16. Each lay-delegate entitled to a seat by this Consti- 
stitution, shall have equal rights with the ministers in all busi- 
ness belonging to the Synod, viz : he may take part in the de- 
bates, offer resolutions, and vote on all Synodical questions. 


Order of Business. 

It is recommended that the transactions of Synod be conduct- 
ed as follows : 

Sec. 1. At the time and place appointed for the meeting, the 
members present shall assemble, and if three ordained ministers 
and three lay-delegates be present, they shall constitute a quo- 

Sec. 2. The President shall open the first session by prayer, 
after the brethren have unitedly sung a hymn ; and every ses- 
sion of the Synod and Ministerium shall be opened and closed 
with prayer. In the absence of the President, the first prayer 
shall be made by the Secretary, and if he also be absent, by one 
of the elder ministers present. 

Sec. S. The Secretary shall then call the names of all the or- 
dained ministers and licentiates belonging to the Synod, and 
note the absentees. 

Sec. 4. The lay-delegates shall then exhibit the certificates 
of their appointment, and their names shall be registered by the 
Secretary as members of the Synod. 

Sec. 5. The President shall make his report according to 
Chap. 2, Sec. 5, of this Constitution, as the last official act of his 
office, and then inform the members that the election of officers 
for the ensuing year is now to be attended to. 

Sec. 6. Admission of delegates or ministers from other eccle- 
siastical bodies, according to Chap. 1, Sec. 14 — 15. 

Sec. 7. The minutes of the last Synod may be read. 

Sec. 8. All papers intended for the Synod or Ministerium, 


are to be handed in, and verbal notice may be given of any im- 
portant business intended to be brought before the Synod. 

Sec. 9. The Secretary shall then number the papers as ar- 
ranged by the President ; after which they shall be taken up 
and discussed before the whole house in numerical order, or be 
first referred to committees, as the house may direct. The re- 
ports of committees maybe heard and acted on at any time, and 
the intervals be filled up by the succeeding items. 

Sec. 10. Each minister shall be called on by the Secretary for 
his parochial report, which may embrace the following items : 
Number of congregations. Baptisms, Confirmations, Receptions 
by letter. Dismissions, Commnnicants, Deaths of members. Bu- 
rials, Expulsions, Restorations, Sabbath Schools, Teachers, 
Scholars, Bible Classes, Prayer Meetings, and Missionary & 
Education Societies. 

Sec. 11. The Treasurer's account shall be heard. 

Sec. 12. The number of vacant congregations shall be inqui- 
red into, and provision made for them. 

Sec. 13. Promiscuous business. 

Sec. 14. Election of Delegates to Ecclesiastical bodies, and 
of Directors of the Theological Seminaries at Gettysburg, Pa., 
and at Lexington, S. C. 

Sec. 15. The Synod may then determine the time and place 
of the next meeting. If, during the recess of Synod, the Presi- 
dent, with the consent of the pastor of the congregation where 
the Synod was to be held, or if the congregation be vacant, with 
the consent of the church council, should deem a change of 
place necessary for holding the Synod, he shall have power to 
select some other suitable place for that purpose, by giving 
timely notice of such change. 

Sec. 10. Dismission of the Synod. 

Sec. 17. Should the President or Secretary be absent at the 
proper time for opening a session, the members present may 
elect others pro tempore. 


Process against a Minister. 
Sec. 1. As the honor and success of the gospel depend very 
much on the character of its ministers, the Synod ought to 


guard, with the utmost care and impartiality, the conduct of its 

Sec. 2. All christians should be very cautious in giving cred- 
it or circulation to an ill report of any man, and especially of a 
minister of the gospel. If any man knows a minister to be guilty 
of a private censurable fault, he should warn him in private. 
If this prove fruitless, he should apply to the church council, 
who shall proceed as specified in Chap. 3, par. 5, of Formula. 
Sec. 3. If accusation be lodged according to Chap. 3, Sec. 5, 
of said Formula, with the President, within four months of the 
time of the next Synodical meeting, he shall defer the matter to 
said meeting ; yet if the charge be one of drunkenness, lewd- 
ness, circulating fundamental errors in doctrine, or a higher 
crime, he shall immediately direct the accused to suspend all 
his ministerial duties until his case is decided. If such accusa- 
tion is lodged with the President at an earlier date, he shall, if 
the charge be one of drunkenness, lewdness, circulating funda- 
mental errors in doctrine, or higher crime, immediately give no- 
tice to all the members of the Conference District to which the 
accused belongs, to meet without delay at a suitable place, and 
institute a formal investigation of the case, according to the 
principles of the Formula. The President shall immediately 
fix the time and place of the meeting, and give at least fifteen 
days notice of the same to each minister in the Conference Dis- 
trict, and also to the parties concerned, — Or the President may 
appoint a committee of three ordained ministers, and fix the 
time and place of their meeting, and give all the notice as above 

Sec. 4. A committee of three ordained ministers thus appoint- 
ed, shall have power to proceed and hold a fair and impartial 
investigation of the case, and to take all such measures as may 
be just and necessary to determine the guilt or innocence of the 

Sec. 5. If the accused confess, and the matter be base and 
flagitious, such as are specified in Sec. 3, of this Chapter, how- 
ever penitent he may be, he must be immediately suspended 
from the exercise of his office, and if thought expedient, a time 
appointed for him to confess publicly to the congregation his 
guilt and penitence. 


Sec. G. If a minister, accused of atrocious crimes, being duly 
notified, refuses to alltiul the investigation, he shall still be im- 
mediately suspended from ollice. 

Sec. 7. If the accused deny the charge, and yet on examina- 
tion of the evidences is found guilty, the Conference or Commit- 
tee shall nevertheless proceed to pass sentence on hini. 

Sec. 8. The highest punishment which can be inflicted by a 
Conference or Committee appointed as above specified, is sus- 
pension from clerical functions ; and this sentence is to be re- 
ported to the next meeting of the Synod, and remains in force 
till reversed by the Synod or Ministerium, as the case may be. 

Sec. 9. Any minister intending to appeal from the decision 
of a Conference or Committee, shall give notice of it to his accu- 
sers within three weeks after the time when the decision was 
made, that both parties may be prepared for a new trial. 

Sec. 10. If at any time accusation be lodged with the Presi- 
dent according to Chap. iii. par. 5, of Formula, for a less crime 
than those above specified in Sec. iii. of this Chapter, lie shall 
take no other steps in the case than to write a letter to the accu- 
sed and the accusers, exhorting them to mutual forbearance and 
referring them to the next Synod. 

Sec. 11. If accusation against a minister be made immediate- 
ly to the Synod, and the Synod believe themselves to be in pos- 
session of all the evidence necessary to a just decision, the case 
may be examined immediately and sentence passed. But if 
the necessary evidence be not before them, and the crime be 
such as is specified in Section iii, of this Chapter, they shall ap- 
point a meeting of a Committee who shall proceed as above spe- 

Sec. 12. If a minister be found guilty of drunkenness, funda- 
mental heresy, lewdness, or higher crimes, his sentence of sus- 
pension shall not be removed until after some time of penitent, 
humble, and edifying conduct ; and he cannot be restored by 
any other judicatory than the Synod, or Ministerium, if his case 
was one of fundamental heresy. 


Vacant Congregations. 
Sec. 1. Vacant congregations which cannot be immediately 



supplied with a minister, are advised to assemble on the Lord's 
day, to select some member of the church of suitable capacity 
and character, to conduct the exercises, and engage in the wor- 
ship of God. 

Sec. 2. It is also recommended that at these meetings, a por- 
tion of the Scriptures, and of the prayers contained in the Lit- 
urgy, or some select sermons, such as are approved of by the 
President of the Synod, be read. 


Of Missions, 
As the Saviour left to his followers, the command, "Go ye 
and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name 
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching 
them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you,"* 
the Synod shall regard it as a sacred duty to adopt, from time 
to time, such measures as they may deem best calculated to ex- 
ecute this solemn injunction. 


Election of Delegates and Directors. 

Sec. 1. The election of Delegates to ecclesiastical bodies, and 
Directors of the Theological Seminaries at Gettj^sburg, Pa., and 
at Lexington, S. C, may be held by ballot, and a licensed can- 
didate shall not be eligible to either of these offices. 

Sec. 2. Should any Delegate elected by this Synod to repre- 
sent us in any other ecclesiastical body, ascertain that he can- 
not attend said meeting, he shall be required to inform the Pres- 
ident, at least six weeks previously, who w^ith the Secretary 
and the Delegate elect, shall be authorized to appoint some 
person as his alternate. 


Special Conferences. 

Sec. 1. There shall be at least two Conferences in each Con- 
ference District, during the Synodical year, at which all the or- 

*Matt. ;:xviii. 19—20. r, ) "^v " 


dainecl ministers and licentiates uithin the District, are required 
to be present, and these meetings to be continued at least two 

Sec. 2. The business to be performed at these meetings is to 
strive to awaken sinners and to edify believers by close practi- 
cal preaching. 

Sec. 3. The state of rch'gion in the churches shall be inqui- 
red into, and some time be spent by the Conference alone in 
conversation on subjects relating to pastoral experience. 

Sec. 4. These Conferences shall beheld alternately, in some 
congregation of each minister and hcentiate belonging to the 

Sec. 5. Special Conferences may give their advice on any 
business of congregations which is referred to them ; but no 
Conference shall, under any pretext whatever, perform an^^ bus- 
iness connected with the licensure or ordination of candidates 
for the ministry, except by the direction of the Ministerium. 

Sec. 6. Lay-delegates may also be sent to these Conferences, 
under the same regulations as to the Synod. 


Of the Ministerium. 

Sec. 1. The clergy at the call of the President at an early 
period of the Synodical Session, shall hold a meeting, consist- 
ing exclusively of scripture elders, that is, preachers,* for the 
purpose of attending to those duties which Christ and his Apos- 
tles enjoined upon them alone, viz : examination, licensure, and 
ordination of candidates for the ministry. Such a meeting is 
called The Ministerium, or Presbytery,! by which in sacred 
scripture is meant. Ministers alone. 

Sec. 2. Licensed candidates may be present at the Ministe- 
rial meeting, unless requested to withdraw, and may take part 
in the discussions, but have no vote. 

Sec. 3. The Ministerium shall also be the proper body, by 
whom all charges of heresy against a minister are to be exami- 
ned and decided ; as also all appeals from the decision of a 
church council, on a charge of heresy against a layman. 

•Acts XX. 17—28. il Tim. iv. 14. 

See. 4. When ordained ministers of other rehorious denomi- 


nations, make application for admission into connection with 
this Synod, the Ministerium shall be the body to decide on the 

Sec. 5. Two-thirds of the ordained ministers shall be requi- 
red, either for the licensure of an applicant as well as the re- 
newal of his license, or the ordination of a licensed candidate, 
or the admission of an ordained minister of another congrega- 
tion. The question relative to the ordination, licensure, or ad- 
mission of a minister by the Ministerium, shall always be de- 
termined by ballot. 

Sec. 6. No minister or licentiate, coming from a Foreign coun- 
try, shall be received as a member of this Synod, until after a 
residence of two years in this country, and unexceptionable de- 
portment during that time. Excepting only, that if an ordain- 
ed minister comes well recommended for piety and learning by 
a Consistorium, or a number of individuals known to the Minis- 
terium as orthodox and evangelical, and if the Ministerium be- 
lieve they can safely confide in the testimonials, they may re- 
ceive him, after which the vote for his permanent reception, as 
a regular member, shall be taken, and the case decided accor- 
ding to Sec. 5 of this Chapter. 

Sec. 7. All business not specifically intrusted to the Minis- 
terium in this Constitution, shall belong to the Synod. 

Sec. 8. The Ministerium shall meet upon its own adjourn- 
ments during the Synodicai Sessions, after its first convocation 
by the President. 

Sec. 9. The order of business of the Ministerium may be as 
follows : 

1. After the session has been opened with prayer, the Presi- 
dent shall communicate any business which he may have to re- 
port or propose. 

2. The licentiates shall hand in their licenses, sermons, and 
journals, which may be read by the hcentiates before the whole 
body. Or if want of time renders this inconvenient, committees 
ought then to be appointed to examine and report on them. 

3. AppHcants for licensure are examined. 

4. After the examination of the applicants, and of the ser- 


mons and journals of licentiates, the applicants and licentiates 
may be desired to withdraw, and the question of their licen- 
sure, or renewal of license, or ordination, be discussed and de- 

5. The licensure and ordination may be performed, either in 
the Ministerium, or at an appointed hour before a promiscuous 

(). Promiscuous matters relative to ministerial business may 
then be attended to. * 

7. Some time shall then be spent in conversation on pastoral 

8. The session closed as directed, Chap. 4, Sec. 2. 


Examination and Licensure of Candidates. 

Sec. 1. The examination shall be conducted by a committee 
of two or more ordained ministers appointed for the purpose at 
the time. As these examinations may be interesting and use- 
ful to the whole Ministerium, it is recommended that they be 
performed before the whole body. 

Sec. 2. After the examination by the committee, every mem- 
ber of the Ministerium has a right to ask the applicant any ad- 
ditional questions. 

Sec. 3. The examination ought to embrace the following sub- 
jects, viz : Personal Piety, and the Motives of the Applicant for 
seeking the Holy Office ; the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures ; the 
evidences of Christianity ; Natural and Revealed Theology ; 
Church History ; Pastoral Theology ; the rules of Sennonising ; 
and Church government. 

Sec. 4. The ceremony of licensure shall be performed as fol- 
lows :— An address from the President as prescribed in the Lit- 
mgy ; he shall read the duties and privileges of the licentiate ; 
and then propose to him the following questions : 

1. Do you believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testa- 
ment to contain the Word of God, and that it is the only infalli- 
ble rule of faith and practice ? 

2. Do you believe that the fundamental doctrines of the Word 
of God are taught in a manner substantially correct, in the doc- 
trinal articles of the Augsburg Confession ? 


3. Do you promise by the aid of God, faithfully to perform all 
the duties of a Christian minister, and to submit yourself to the 
rules of government and discipline of this body, so long as you 
remain a member of it ? 

Sec. 5. These questions being answered in the affirmative, 
the President offers up a suitable prayer, delivers him his li- 
cense and concludes with a short address, as directed in the 

Sec. 6. During the recess of the Synod, Ihe President may 
extend hcense to candidates who may come well recommended, 
and whom on proper examination, he may deem quaHfied to 
discharge the duties of the ministry : Provided, however, that 
the extension of license in such case be not in conflict with the 
provision of Sec. 6, Chap. 10. 

Sec. 7. All licenses shall extend to the next annual meeting of 
the Ministerium, and shall be renewed as a matter of course, 
whether the licentiate be present or not, unless satisfactory rea- 
sons are known to the Ministerium which render a renewal in- 
expedient. And if, for any reason, no meeting be held at the 
appointed time, the hcenses granted by said Ministerium shall 
remain in force until revoked at a subsequent meeting. 

Sec. 8. If a hcentiate after some time of probation, does, in 
the judgment of the Ministerium, prove himself unqualified for 
the duties of the Ministry, his hcense shall be withdrawn. 



Sec. 1. Whenever the Ministerium has decided that an in- 
dividual shall be ordained, the ceremony may be performed ei- 
ther at the time, by the assembled Ministerium, or if preferred, 
in the church by which he has been called, by the Special Con- 
ference, or by a Committee appointed for the* purpose by the 

Sec. 2. The ceremony of ordination, wherever performed, 
shall be as follows : 

1. A sermon shall be preached by a person previously ap- 
pointed, on the nature, duties, and responsibilities of the min- 
isterial office, 


2. The President of the Ministerium, or the chairman of the 
committee appointed by him, shall then, after a short address, 
such as is contained in the Liturgy, propose to the candidate 
the following questions i 

1. Do you believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testa- 
ment to contain the Word of God, and that it is the only infalli- 
ble rule of faith and practice ? 

2. Do you believe that the fundamental doctrines of the Word 
of God, are taught in a manner substantially correct in the doc- 
trinal articles of the Augsburg Confession ? 

3. Do you promise, by the aid of God, faithfully to perform 
all the duties enjoined on you as a Christian minister, and to 
submit yourself to the rules of government and discipline of this 
body, so long as you remain a member of it? 

4. Do you believe that in seeking the duties of the ministeri- 
al office, you are influenced by a sincere love to God your Sa- 
viour, and desire to promote his glory in the welfare of men ? 

5. Do you promise faithfully and zealously to preach the 
truths of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, aa 
contained in the Holy Scriptures ? 

Sec. 3. These questions being answered in the affirmative, 
the candidate shall kneel down, when the President, or presi- 
ding minister shall ordain him after the Apostolical example, 
by prayer and the laying on of the hands of the Ministry, i. e. 
Presbytery. The candidate shall then rise, and the officiating 
minister, and after him the ordained ministers present, shall 
take him by the right hand and welcome him to take part in the 
ministry with them. The ceremony may then be concluded 
by the benediction. 


Sec. 4. This Constitution can be altered or amended at any 
annual meeting of the Synod, by consent of two-thirds of the 
members present. 




Rev. Samuel Rothrock, President. 

" Jacob B. Anthony, Recording Secretary. 

" Joseph A. Linn, Corresponding Secretary, 
Mr. M. Barrier, Treasurer of Synod. 
Col. J. M. Smith, Treasurer of Centenary Fund. 
Mr. Daniel Miller, Treasurer of Seminary Fund. 


Rev. J. D. ScHECK, President. 

" J. B. Anthony, ll,ce President. 

'* W. G. Harter, Secretary. 
Mr. David Barringer, Treasurer. 

The Forty-first annual meeting of the Synod of North Carolina 
will be held at Organ Church, in Rowan County, N. Carolina, 
commencing at 10 o'clock, on Friday the 30th day of April, 




6 /^